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Reiki Winnipeg - Can Reiki Help Me (part 2)?

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Can Reiki help me with my medication, enhance my chiropractic session or other experiences?

To answer that question we need to break it down. First for the medication, yes, Reiki can help. What I have found with myself and others, who are at the Reiki Master Level, is that the medication seems to work better with the least amount of side effects. It appears the Reiki energy can send a signal to the body, advising what is beneficial and what should be ignored. Then the body can maximize the effect of the medication and speed up the restoration and healing process of the body.

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For the chiropractic sessions or other therapies such as: massage therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist or others, yes, Reiki can help. When the physical body has been altered and these therapists are at work, it is advantageous to do Reiki on the same day, after the therapist is finished. The body has been manipulated by the therapist and knows something has to be done to regain optimum health. When we introduce Reiki, to the equation of healing, it seems that the body now knows what it is supposed to do and therefore the healing will come much faster.

For other experiences like meditation, we suggest starting your Reiki first, and then proceed in doing your meditation. For best results you may wish to try this type of meditation. First get some crystals and place them in a circle around you. Then light a candle outside of the circle. Next get some water and have it close to the candle. Now get some sage and place it beside the candle and water. One last part is air but that is all around us. Start your music and lay down in your circle. From this point you will have to practice and modify the arrangement of the crystals. When the crystals faces one direction, then the flow of energy will increase like a vortex. When the crystals are facing many directions then you will have another type of effect and so on with the crystals.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
and start being part of the biggest team ever.

Using Reiki with other modalities is possible, and should be done with some prudence. That is because Reiki loves to help the body, mind, spirit and soul just like other types of healing energy. For that reason I would suggest to do the other energy work on one day, and Reiki on the next day. This way the energy has been maximised.

Reiki Winnipeg

May you find and learn patience in your search,

Claude Leonard
Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada