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Reiki Winnipeg - Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home

Home Energy - Home Warmth
Home Comfort - Home Shift

Today, the home we live in home that consists of 4 walls with plenty of physical possessions. Home is an accumulation of life experiences, things that we enjoy and items to recall fond memories. We are always seeking to attach ourselves or connect with things we percieve in the world. Home is a desire to connect. Our life is filled up with new challenges that, determined by your perspective and frame of mind, could be a nightmare. Most folks do not enjoy their work, but we earn an income to spend the debts. There may be food available, but sometimes we may forget to give thanks.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
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In this part of the world we're fortunate not to have wars, so our home is not demolished by a grenade or tornado, yet we forget that we are born in a country of peace with a bit of minor problems, and we forget to convey thanks. We have family members who're reminded that they're safe and secure. Yes our youngsters undergo some rough times however the worst case scenario they're going to face, could possibly be how to cross the street, rather than how to prevent the tanks on the road. Again we forget to give thanks.

Home Sweet Home

Our home is a beautiful destination to spend more time with our spouse and children. We are fortunate in order to have a very place where we can relax or have a party with family and friends. Again we could forget to say thank you so much. Do you know why our homes are overlooked?

What does our home have to do with any kind of energy work like Reiki?

When we feel safe, our home is inviting and secure. We're associated with it and so it is with us. We all have been individuals connected to something. We ought to give thanks and gratitude every day for that wonderful blessings bestowed here.

Our home is loaded with energy as it would be built on this planet and we appreciate the security and security it includes.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
and start being part of the biggest team ever.

When you go home and you feel that something is wrong, there may be a disconnection that will require attention. When something continues to be moved in the home, you will find there's shift of one's energy and then the entire house needs to get accustomed to the latest energy flow.

When you're older, it will be time and energy to leave your parents and initiate building a life yourself. Most young people will discover work before they leave the house and that's understandable and wise. Next, you could possibly wish to find someone who wishes to join you in sharing the expenses that come with renting a loft apartment. After all you need to start learning “responsibility”. Since you have found someone are you suitable for this person? Did you have plenty of time to take into consideration who covers the cost for what or could it be half/half on every bill, excluding food. Food has it’s own place. So now you are able to refer to it as home.

Is it really a home or maybe a brief residence?

Home sweet home could be both. There can be individuals who just love to be in a loft apartment because they have absolutely nothing else to keep up, except their very own suite. Others prefer a house where they can take care of the grass and snow, maintaining both the inside and the outside of their home and other chores.

Home sweet home, is a place where one can relax and almost do anything you intend to do within the house, within reason. Unfortunately that can not be completed with an apartment. In an apartment you are able to ask the landlord if you possibly could paint the walls and that's just about it.

In your own home, you possess the home and the land and you may remove a wall if you would like. You can include an extension to the house, customize the cabinets and so on.

Home sweet Home is another place where you could have a very secluded area for meditation or relaxation after a hard work day. Returning home to your spouse and kids and sharing the tranquility of the sanctuary of your home, is incredibly stress reducing and calming.

Whenever you enter your own home it is like entering a palace, it's your palace. The nice and cozy feeling of finding yourself in your very own castle, the peacefulness of the home with your energy filtered into everything.

After awhile your home can become stagnant, which may be due to lack of change. Every so often you might want to change something in your own home. You can do Reiki for the energy of the home, which might be great. You can also move the couch or replace the coffee table, and that would certainly modify the energy path. When that energy path has become altered, then almost everything start to happen, more often than not home is for the betterment of everybody inside as home gets the energy flowing.

Remember the last time your folks changed something within their home and when you came in you thought they were crazy? But eventually you've got used to it. We all go through the technique of adapting. We are humans and we constantly need those changes and challenges. So start using your Reiki to improve that energy path and discover what it will do to your life, either at home, at work or elsewhere.

Home sweet home, what a wonderful location to be,

Reiki Winnipeg

May you find and learn patience in your search,

Claude Leonard
Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada