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Reiki Winnipeg - Reiki Drumming Two Day Retreat

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The drum is an ancient instrument. It has been used for healings, celebrations, rituals, worship, rites of passage, divinations, warnings of danger, communicating between tribes, and with the earth and spirit realms. The drumbeat elevates and transports us easily into another world. We are promoted to a vibration where body, mind, soul, nature, spirit, and the universe becomes one.

When we combine the energy of the Drum with Reiki, we have a mutual healing method that increases the power of Reiki to a profound level of healing. With each drumbeat Reiki descends deeper into the physical and subtle bodies simultaneously. All of the organs and cells in the body have their own frequency and the drumming reminds our body of its ideal vibration. Reiki Drumming creates a synchronization that realigns the vibration and therefore allows the body to accelerate its innate healing capability.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
and start being part of the biggest team ever.

This class is very sacred and should be respected and held in high regard. Please call 204-783-5715 or email.

Day One:
  • Meditation
  • Opening up to a higher vibration
  • A story on how a drum came about
  • How to make a drum (The teaching will encompass everything from tools to type of hide)
  • How to create your Mallet
  • Making your Drum and Mallet
  • Blessing your Drum and thanking the spirits for their guidance
  • Break for lunch
  • Time needed to have the drum completed
  • Drum journey
  • Introduction to Reiki Drumming techniques

  • If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
    and start being part of the biggest team ever.

    Day Two:
  • Meditation
  • Opening up to a higher vibration
  • How to paint your Drum
  • Reiki Level 2 and 3 will learn Drumming the Chakras - A powerful method of clearing and strengthening the Chakras.
  • Reiki Master and higher will learn how to extend the Drum Healing with their Reiki symbols
  • Practice Reiki Drum Healing (Each participant will have the opportunity to give and receive a Reiki Drum Healing)
  • Break for lunch
  • Drumming Circle - Experience the joy of participating in a powerful gathering
  • Reiki Drum Journey
  • Reiki Drum Manual
  • Certificate - Upon successful completion of the program, those showing competency in the Reiki Drumming techniques and Reiki Drum Journey will receive a Reiki Drumming Practitioner certificate and for those who are Reiki Master/Teacher will receive a Reiki Drumming Master/Teacher certificate

  • Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2
    Amount of $300 + GST = 318.00
    Material for creating your Drum is provided
    The hide could be Cow, Deer or Elk depending on availability
    Please let me know which hide you would prefer
  • Deer hide is thin and so the sound will be high. Elk hide is thicker and the pitch would be deeper. Cow hide is the thickest of these three and the sound would be much deeper.
  • Depending on the material used to create your mallet, the sound of your drum will be affected.
  • Before you click on the PayPal button below
    please tell us what is your Reiki Experience,
    which will determine your fee?

    Reiki Winnipeg

    May you find and learn patience in your search,

    Claude Leonard
    Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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