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Reiki Winnipeg - Reiki Exercise

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Reiki Exercise

Can Reiki help with exercises?

After all Reiki can deal with exercise. On top of that, Reiki is energy and you are also energy. So when you combine exercise and proper nutrition and include a pinch of Reiki, you've got all of the ingredients needed to be healthier.

So how could you accomplish pretty much everything during your exercise?

First it is strongly recommended that you complete Reiki level 2 or higher. Second step should be to do about 15 minutes of Reiki on yourself prior to exercise. This may excite your energy for optimum health. Now do your exercise as always.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
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Reiki Peaceful Exercise

Once you are through with the exercise took a shower and you are back in your house, sit down and start Reiki on yourself for 20 minutes. This time around Reiki would be to repair the damaged muscles if any, and accelerate your recovery. If you do your exercise in your house, then once you take your shower wait 10-20 minutes after which do Reiki on yourself for 20 minutes.

Reiki is an amazing way of helping your body through exercise, this will help to rejuvenate and at the same time reduce stress. Here are some points you can use to maximize your exercise:

1- prior to going to sleep at night, first, start your Reiki then do nothing else but take 7 deep breaths slowly and imagine positive energy arriving to your body and permeate your entire being. Whenever you exhale, be aware of the negative energy leaving, you can even notice the bad things that happened to you through the day, and let them go. When you're completed with the seven deep breaths, drift off to sleep to a peaceful sleep.

2- Whenever you wake up each morning, start your Reiki and do nothing at all else but 7 deep breaths. This time around notice the good energy from the restful night and pleasant dreams entering and when you exhale, rid yourself of the bad dreams or nightmares.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
and start being part of the biggest team ever.

3- To increase the vitamins, minerals and proteins inside your meals, do Reiki on them first. It's amazing how energizing and blessing your meal can help to improve your body and get you ready for an additional time you need to do your exercise. Attempt this on water also. Take a glass of water, drink about 50 % of it and sense the way the water tastes and smells. Now support the glass together with your two hands, one hand under and also the other on the side of the glass and do Reiki on the remaining water, with the intention of modifications to your body. Now taste, smell and notice the difference that the water has. You could be surprised to feel these through exuberance, detoxification or energy burst within a few moments.

4- You can do the same with your protein shake.

Reiki is an amazing strength that does apply to everything.

Reiki Winnipeg

May you find and learn patience in your search,

Claude Leonard
Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada