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Reiki Winnipeg - A Reiki Meditation

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First you need to be attuned to Reiki level 2 or higher, which has 3 symbols. Now it is time to start the meditation. As always you start by relaxing the mind, body and spirit by trying to let go of everything and mastering how to control your thoughts and gently clear your mind.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
and start being part of the biggest team ever.

Well, that is good but with A Reiki Meditation, it is not the way. We want our mind to be as it is, we want our body as it is, and we want our thoughts to be busy, WHY? That is because Reiki works with the emotional aspect of our lives. Reiki works with healing energy. So you need to understand that doing this meditation comes with knowing what energy is. Even on a very busy street knowing that all is possible, so back to our Reiki meditation.

If you are going to play soft music, make sure it is something you do not like very much or something you do not like at all. The reason for this has two points; the first one is that it will help you to stay awake and focus on your irritation of the sound of that music. The second thing is that you will be able to use Reiki to help you understand why you do not like that music.

First you need to lie down in a position that is comfortable, but you want to be able to stay focused. In this Reiki Meditation you need to focus. Now start one of your symbols. I would suggest you start with your power symbol. See the symbol in front of you. See this power symbol being 2 feet tall. Let the symbol start to move around you and let it take life. Let it be free to do what it is about to do. Now you should see the symbol flying around you and enjoying the freedom of the symbol flying like a bird. Now ask it to go through you and start to help you remove your blockages. This does not hurt, but rather it has a beautiful feeling of an energy shifting. Let it do this until you feel that it is time to start your next symbol.

Now let the power symbol fly around you and start the emotional symbol at about 2 feet tall. Let the emotional symbol fly around you and then let it do the same thing as the power symbol. You might start crying or feeling sensitive to some emotions and that is ok. Between the power symbol and the emotional symbol your recovery is about to come. Once you feel that the emotional symbol has done as much as you think it can, then it is time to watch both symbols fly around you.

reiki Energy

Start the distance symbol and let all three of them do their work on you. See all three symbols go through you. Sometime you might feel that they have stopped in you and that is ok. Some blockages need time to get better and that will do it. Let yourself go under the feeling of all three symbols and let them do their work and help release your issues.

You will notice by now that the music is not an issue anymore and the only thing that you are thinking about is the beauty of the symbols doing their healing work. Once you have let go, you will feel your connection with your higher self and from there your connection with everything that is around you.

You will feel young, vibrant and full of energy. It will help you in your Reiki sessions. Now stay even more still and quiet and see all the symbols grow until they reach your height. Stand and be the middle shaft and let the power symbol go through you and turn non stop until you are clear of all blockages. Now let the emotional symbol do the same and after that the distance symbol also. Now I ask that you slowly stop everything and thank them for helping you.

At this point, slowly open your eyes. You might feel somewhat drowsy by doing this the first time so take your time in coming back to reality. I do suggest that you eat something light. This will bring grounding and help you to focus back to reality.

The first time you do this Reiki Meditation it could take 30 to 60 minutes before you are done. After that it is maintenance and could take 10 to 20 minutes.

Now you can do this Reiki Meditation anywhere you want. When you have more symbols then it becomes even better because your focus is better and you will see at one point all the symbols dancing around you. When your focus gets stronger then your ability to heal becomes stronger.

Here is something else for you to think about www.LearnHowToHeal.com that is the eBook you will need to get even stronger in your ability to heal.

Sincerely, I hope you enjoy this Reiki Meditation, to your health and healing,

Reiki Winnipeg

Claude Leonard
Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

If you are a Reiki Practitioner level 2 and up then go to
and start being part of the biggest team ever.

Here is some extra information about your 11 chakras:
  • 1. Base chakra is 6 inches below your feet (also known as "Earth Star")
  • 2. Root chakra is between the genitals and the anus
  • 3. Sacral chakra is three inches below the navel
  • 4. Solar Plexus is between the navel and the sternum
  • 5. Heart chakra is where the thymus is located
  • 6. Higher Heart chakra is three inches to the right of the thymus (also known as "Soul Seat")
  • 7. Throat chakra is where the thyroid is located
  • 8. Third Eye chakra is about one inch above the middle of the eye brows
  • 9. Ear chakra between the two physical ears
  • 10. Crown chakra is located on top of the head
  • 11. Higher Crown chakra is approximately one foot above the head (also known as "Soul Star")

  • That is correct, if you are still using 7 chakras you are still ok but I would suggest you upgrade to 11 chakras asap.

    Chakra Location
    This picture is a person standing with the name of each chakra.
    Location of 11 Chakras
    This picture uses the New Reiki Power Symbol (the name is still the same but the loops are the only difference).
    New Reiki Power Symbol
    This video will show you how to draw your New Reiki Power Symbols and be effective on balancing all 11 chakras. If you are a Reiki Master then you can attune yourself to this new Reiki Power Symbol. If you are not a Reiki Master then you can contact me and you will be attuned to this New Reiki Power Symbol for a minimum fee of $9.00 CAD payable through Paypal or by credit card

    How to draw your new Reiki Power Symbol

    Reiki Winnipeg

    May you find and learn patience in your search,

    Claude Leonard
    Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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