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Reiki Winnipeg - Can Reiki heal a broken heart?

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From teenagers to adults, no one is spared from a broken heart. If you are going through a tough time dealing with such emotional pain, try not to allow your emotions to overtake your "raison d'Ítre". Denying your pain or resorting to self-destructive methods like substance abuse or reckless behaviour will only aggravate your situation. If unaddressed, feelings of a broken heart will pile up and can cause minor or even major depression or other illnesses. Seeing a Reiki practitioner can help you release the stress by relaxing your body, mind, spirit and soul.

Although it can be very difficult, the first step in healing a broken heart could be seeking the guidance of a professional counsellor. We also suggest seeing a Reiki Master to help with the emotional pain that is stored in the body. When you break a bone you see a doctor so they can put the bone back in place and then they often prescribe medication to relieve the pain. With emotional pain, facing the source of your heartbreak and dealing with it head on, requires absolute courage. From here onwards, time and patience are needed until you finally achieve emotional healing. Remember that doing this alone may take years before you feel better and the pain may also return. With the help of a professional and a Reiki Master, your pain may go away much faster and you may still feel the pain, but it will likely be lessened.

Reiki Energy

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to cry. Crying is a natural means of venting and releasing hurt feelings. Bottling up your sorrows and/or denying them could result in severe consequences. With a professional counsellor and a Reiki Master we believe that all sad emotions can be overcome and safely released.

Give yourself time to go through the motions of your sadness. Do not put off feeling the pain, if it is there in the first place. You are only fooling yourself if you do. Grieve the loss if you must. The important thing is to give yourself the freedom to acknowledge and truly feel the sadness engulfing you. If your broken heart is due to a specific person, avoiding him or her will only cause more pain because you will always be on the lookout and that will cause another stress. Instead when you see that person, just calmly say hello or continue on your path. Who knows maybe one day you will be able to talk to that person without feeling sadness.

Recap: Reiki can help heal a broken heart much faster than doing Reiki alone. Seeing a professional counsellor will also help deal with the issue and expedite the healing.

Reiki Winnipeg

May you find and learn patience in your search,

Claude Leonard
Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada