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Reiki Winnipeg - talks about Reiki Attunement

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Techniques for Reiki Attunement

It Allows individuals to replace negative energy with positive energy in order to heal the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Reiki Attunement also helps the body, mind, spirit and soul to start a shift in your life by realigning with the universe and removing old karma. Another good thing about a Reiki Attunement is this shift will change your path to be in line with your life direction and you wanting to fulfill your destiny (what ever this destiny is about). Reiki heals by bringing balance and harmony to those who practice it. All things in this world are made up of various energies that vibrate at different frequencies.

The effect of a Reiki Attunement is different for everyone. Some people who have experience a Reiki Attunement will tell you that they saw lights of different colors or during the Reiki Attunement they heard their long dead grand father or mother, some even received words or prophecy. Do not be discouraged if this takes some time. It took Dr. Mikao Usui many years of training including many hours of meditation from sunrise to sunset, until he finally recognized that he was attuned to the Reiki energy.

1. If you are unfamiliar with meditation then I would suggest you start searching for someone in your area to teach you how. You can also go to this meditation web site. Meditation is a long process. You must be one with yourself and the universe and just shut the rest of the world out and let everything go. This is your time - for you. Your heart must be in search of nothing else but to understand that there is something magnificent and miraculous out there. If you do the meditation and you start feeling something is happening, then you are on the right track but you need to continue and spend the time in quiet contemplation.   The next step is to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and/or coffee one day prior to your Attunement.

2. There is no specific special day for your Reiki Attunement. You just have to click here Reiki Master/Teacher for more information on how to find your Reiki Master/Teacher. When you are ready for Reiki then it is the right time to do your first level. Reiki attunement must be done with an experience Reiki Master/Teacher. During the attunement your crown chakra is usually the first place that Reiki will enter your body as well as in the palms of your hands. The sensation will be like your hands are either on fire or as cold as ice. The feeling varies from person to person.

3. Once you feel you are attuned to Reiki, it will be up to you to continue to practice Reiki on you, family and friends.

Reiki Energy

You can use Reiki many times throughout the day and you will notice a change in your life as well as others around you. The only way of getting a Reiki attunement is through an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher. He or she will be able to explain how the process works and then they will attune you to the first degree, then later it will be level 2 and so forth.

Here are some guidelines to assist in finding the right Reiki Master/Teacher for you. Use the keyword: Reiki attunement city (replace city with the name for your city). Next start calling and ask for fees for each level, how long you need to wait before you can receive the next level/degree attunement, are you getting some phone support by your new Reiki Master, etc.

If you do not want to be a Reiki Master/Teacher that is ok but I still suggest that you take all the levels. The reason is that you will be able to channel a higher level of energy to your clients. Let me explain in another way. It is like a faucet, if you open it only one quarter of the way, it will take you awhile to fill your glass. If you open that faucet to half way, it will fill your glass twice as fast. If it is three quarters opened, then 3 times as fast your client will feel the energy flow. Now that you are a Master you will be able to open it all the way and your clients will be able to tap into that higher energy level and receive their healing much faster. Reiki attunement must be done with an experience Reiki Master/Teacher.

Reiki Winnipeg

May you find and learn patience in your search,

Claude Leonard
From Reiki Winnipeg talked about Reiki Attunement
Claude is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
Who does Reiki from his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada