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Reiki Winnipeg - How to find your Reiki Master / Teacher

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You will find frequent challenges these days. Some issues are simpler than others to cope with. For instance, how to find a good Reiki Master/Teacher and the one that is right for YOU.

There are many men and women around the world who are Reiki Master/Teacher. Which one will fit with your energy and bring the teaching and experience that you require?

The solution is for you to understand what your path is. Here are some suggestions on how to find your Reiki Master/Teacher:

1. Talk with people you know, about Reiki Master/Teachers. Ask anyone around you that has already had experience with Reiki instruction and attunements. For example your colleagues, close friends, family member or your online friends. What happens if you listen to this guidance? You'll get first hand information from individuals you know and trust and that is a good place to start.

2. Or you can go Online and enter the word "Reiki Master Teacher City" (replace city with the name of your city). The Web is another good source of information easly obtainable today. There are numerous resources available, for example Reiki forums, courses and sites that provide their services. You can get as much info as you want for free. 3. In regards to fees for courses, this does not necessarely mean the higher the fee, the better the Reiki Master/Teacher or the lowest price is a less desirable Reiki Master/Teacher. Fees have very little to do with a Reiki Master/Teacher. Everyone in this field charges what they feel is appropriate for the service they offer, keeping competition in mind.

Reiki Energy

4. The Reiki Master/Teacher will also feel the energy of the potential students and discern if they are a match for them. This is a two way interview, just like applying for a job. Make sure you have your questions ready, such as:

    If I need some questions answered will you be there to assist or help by phone, email or in person?
    If I would like to be attuned again, will you do it free of charge?
    Will you be able to assist me when I do my first attunement?
    If I would like to take a refresher class, what will the cost be, if any?
    If I have some trouble with a client, can I count on you for advice and guidance?
    How long can I count on your help, 6 months - one year or more?

5. Make direct contact with the Reiki Master/Teacher. The reason behind this is based on the nature and feeling of direct communication. If you have their telephone numbers and/or email address, you are able to get in touch with them and determine if you are able to connect. You will be able to sense it in no time, if this candidate is ideal to be your Reiki Master/Teacher. A new Reiki Master/Teacher must make decisions every time they perform a session and therefore must be able to handle those opportunities and embrace them.

6. Try to verify your Reiki Master/Teacher's accreditation, as in verify the Reiki lineage of your future Reiki Master/Teacher. There is no way that, however, you can ensure you will have the perfect tutor. Everyone learns Reiki as they perform sessions, gaining experience and navigating the learning curve. The Reiki Master/Teacher will give you the attunement and you certainly wish to be certain that he or she will be there when you need assistance or advice. Sooner or later the Teacher will know that it is time to let you go and you will have to learn that lesson and to start trusting in your spirits and angels to guide you.

7. Use your own God's gift of wisdom. This will be significant because every person has this instinct embedded inside them. By the time you seek Reiki or holistic energy, you will have higher awareness regardless of if you realize it or not. Your own instinct will guide you, and whenever there is some doubt in your mind, just take several minutes to relax and then ask the question, then ask your angels and spirits to guide you. By doing this, 90 percent of the time you will get an answer and the other 10 percent will be to trust your instinct.

Progressing to the Level of Reiki Master/Teacher:

As you know by now, Reiki is a spiritual and physical healing practice that helps individuals overcome health issues and reduce stress in their lives. Reiki has been used for healing since the end of the last century, but is still growing in popularity today.

Reiki Energy

There are 4 levels of Reiki that must be completed in order to become a Reiki. These are the First level, the Second level, the Advanced and then the Master/Teacher level.

Level 1:

In the First level of Reiki, you'll learn how Reiki a well as the historical background. You'll also be initiated into Reiki and receive your first Reiki Attunement.

Through this Reiki Attunement, you'll learn first-hand how to tune in to the Reiki energy. This initiation usually involves sitting on a chair, while the Master/Teacher places his or her hands on your head, back and hands to to activate all the 11 chakra locations. The energy will flow through the Reiki Master's hands into your body.

Although much training is provided through home and online courses, we highly recommend the you receive your Reiki Attunement through a Master/Teacher in person to fully understand and experience the wonderful gift of Reiki. Once you've practised Reiki on yourself and on another student, you'll have the basic foundation to give others Reiki sessions.

Second Level Reiki

In the Second level of Reiki, you'll expand on your initial experiences. You'll learn about distance healing as well. Distance healing involves channelling Reiki energies to someone in another town or even another country! The energy vibration is different with this type of Reiki. You are evolving onto another level of vibration and with this, you will learn 3 different symbols to help you focus. With Reiki there is no difference between 3 feet and 3,000 miles away. The energy will still have the same affect, as if the client was beside you on your Reiki table.

Advanced and Master/Teacher Reiki Level

Some Reiki Master/Teachers have decided to split the Master level into 2 parts while other prefers to keep it as a whole. In the Advanced and Master/Teacher level you'll learn 4 more Reiki symbols, how to use them and what they mean. You'll also learn how to use various methods of stress management such as healing drumming and crystal healing. You'll become familiar with sacred mantras and how the different energies work so you can teach others. You'll also be able to perform a Reiki Attunement.

If you do not wish to teach or to be a Reiki Master/Teacher that is ok, but we do strongly recommend that you still take the Master/Teacher level and that is because you will gain more knowledge and help more people with your touch. If one day you are called to teach then you will know what to do. Remember that the universe never gives you more than you can take and therefore you will grow and the universe will give you more experiences.

There are many workshops, online and in person, to help you learn Reiki. There are also places you can go to have a wonderful Reiki experience, such as www.ReikiWinnipeg.com in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, or forums for example. Wherever you go or whomever you choose to help you along the Reiki journey, make sure to open yourself fully to the Reiki energy so you can experience its truly magnificent, amazing healing power.

Reiki Winnipeg

May you find and learn patience in your search,

Claude Leonard
Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada