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Reiki Winnipeg - What do I look for in a Reiki Practitioner?

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Let's start with a typical Reiki session, which begins with the Reiki Practitioner instructing you to lie down on a massage table. Then the Practitioner will meditate for a few minutes, get him/herself into a healing state. Then they will start the session by placing their hands gently on your face. There are about 17 regular positions that they will perform. Sometimes they will add other positions as needed for your recovery. Two places that a Reiki Practitioner will never ever put their hands and that is a women's breast, or the genitals. If a Reiki Practitioner tells you that they must touch those areas, please stop the session and leave immediately.

reiki Energy

There are three main levels or degrees. The First Level is used to heal the self. The Second Level will have more energy flow and is used on others and for distant healing. The Third Level is Advanced and then the Master will have even higher energy flow and is also used to teach and attune others. You do not have to teach just because you have the Master Level, but you now have the option, if you so choose. You also attained more in depth knowledge of Reiki and are able to fully utilize the wonderful flow of Reiki energy. It is like a faucet the more the tap is open the more water is going through. Same with Reiki, the more levels or degrees you have completed, the higher the flow of energy that will be passed on to help the recipient.

The other Reiki levels are:

  • Karuna Reiki which has 4 levels
  • Lightarian Reiki which has 6 levels

If you see a Reiki Practitioner and he/she has all those levels, then you will receive the most beautiful experience in relaxation and healing you could find.

So to recap, there are 14 levels of Reiki in all and the more levels a Reiki Practitioner has completed the greater the flow of energy you will experience.

Reiki Winnipeg

May you find and learn patience in your search,

Claude Leonard
Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada